Marvin Replacement Windows - Introduction


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Marvin Replacement Windows and Doors

History of Marvin Windows

In 1912 George G Marvin forms the Marvin Lumber and Cedar company. In 1939, Bill Marvin becomes the 8th employee and convinces his father to purchase a radial arm saw. This being the first step into the process of window manufacturing. By 1970 Marvin begins expanding the company both nationally and internationally. In 1992 Marvin pioneers Ultrex Fiberglass for use in window and components. Finally, in 2002 Marvin produces the Infinity line of windows and doors made completely from Ultrex fiberglass.

Installation Options

Option 1: Replacement Windows

This method of installation is used when your existing window frames are in good condition and only the sash needs to be replaced. With the frame in frame insert design your new window is installed with no disruption existing molding, walls or exterior stucco or siding. This installation system is less costly, and no finishing work is needed.

Option 2: Full Frame Replacement Windows

This method of installation is often used when your entire window and/or frame has deteriorated due to weathering. With full frame replacement windows the entire sash, frame and wood molding is removed and replaced leaving you with a totally new looking window size, style, and appearance.

Energy Efficiency

Marvin Ultrex fiberglass is up to 500x less thermally conductive than aluminum and creates an insulated barrier against extreme weather temperatures. This helps keep your home comfortable by reducing heating and cooling costs.